SPN/Dragoriders of Pern xover

Dragon Spell

By: Virturalpersonal and Brimstonegold

Pairing: Dean/Sam(yes wincest), Sam/OMC(non-con)

Summary:  Snooping around in his father’s storage locker, Sam touches something he shouldn’t and gets sucked into a world where dragonriders must protect their world from a continuous threat of threafall. Dean follows and finds Sam has lost his memories. Until they get out of this mess, they have to ‘make like the natives.’

Status: Complete


Why: Even if you’ve never heard of Dragonriders of Pern this story makes you want to go out and read the books. But you can also understand the world enough without having already read them. The character development is so interesting and the building romance between Dean/Sam is wonderful. Plus the dragons are just all kinds of awesome! And it is a lovely epic length story.

Hello fic fans!

I’ve decided to have a place to post all my fic recs. Also using this as a back-up for the next time my computer decides to crash and I lose all my links.

Stargate/Smallville Rec

Title: The Earth And The Sea

Author: Belladonna

Fandoms: Stargate, Stargate-Atlantis, Smallville

Main Pairing: Lex/Clark

Summary: Clark’s graduates college, about to start at the Daily Planet when Lionel and Gen.Lane try to capture him. He gets sent to an old friend of his dad, Gen. Jack O’Neill, who hides him in Atlantis.

Rec: I love all of Belladonna’s crossovers with the Stargate series but this is one of my all time favorite Clark/Lex fics. The tension is just so much fun.